Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Long time no post... The reason why I haven't posted in a while is because of this battle with perfection.

Everything has to be perfect. And it's not me wanting everything to be perfect. I should be the one who wants everything to be perfect. It's everyone else, they all want me to be perfect.

Everyone is looking for perfect. Perfect grades, perfect writing, perfect scores, perfect dancing, perfect singing, perfect relationships, perfect skin, perft eyes, perfect voices, perfect CRAP.

When someone wants something "perfect," it truly bugs me. I actually HATE perfection. I know I am not perfect.

I do not have perfect grades. Confession: I got a C in Trig last year. Not perfect. Do I care? No.

I do not have perfect writing. Confession: There are probably a dozen typos in this blog post. Not perfect. Do I care? No. Not at all.

Never call me perfect. Never request perfection from me. I can give you "next to perfection," but I will not give you perfection. In fact, if you request perfection from me, I'll give you crap instead.

Because I hate perfection.

End of rant.