Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Either Busy or Lazy...

The beach is over. Sadface... :(

The last few days at the beach were pretty interesting. I lived in the ocean and the pool. When I didn't, I was prone to injury.

Injuries over the past few days:

~ I tripped over a stack of cups, and got a huge bruise on my arm, scrape on my knee, and cut my toe.
~ After I got home, I ran my pinky toe over with my grandmother's door.
~ I took my senior pictures today... And of course, I was wearing high heels. This equals blisters on my feet.
~ Today, my boyfriend accidentally punched me in the nose.

Yep, I'm a clutz. 

And, I'm lazy. The laziness I'm feeling is SEVERE. I have absolutely no pictures to share with you guys on this fine evening... But I do have this doodle I doodled the other day with one of my good friends at the beach. :)

I may be a lazy clutz, but I'm still pretty rad.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday...

I figured that since my blog's name is "Once Upon a Meago," the few readers I have are entitled to a little story once in a while. From now on, every Saturday, I'm going to write you guys a little story, equipped with pictures and everything! It's like revisiting the first grade, or something...


There was a blue monster. His name was Jeffery. He wore a red cap and he liked to laugh and play with his friends.

Jeffery only had one problem. Jeffery had no friends. Jeffery did not get to laugh and play with anyone, because he smelled bad. Really. Bad.

So, one day, in an attempt to gain some friends, Jeffery took a bath in the local river. Unfortunately, Jeffery didn't know that the river was intoxicated with very unstable chemicals.

This is a toxic river. Shut up, kids!! I know
you're laughing at my poor drawing skillzzz. :(

Jeffery got out of the water and had a very funny, tingly feeling on his furry skin. He thought nothing of it, and thought it was gas. He went to bed that night in his little bed. While he was sleeping, the unthinkable happened.

Jeffery, the little blue monster with the red cap who smelt so bad that no body would be his friend, woke up to a crowd of random girls hugging on him. 


Jeffery was very confused. He did not understand why these girls were so obsessive over him. He got up and looked in the mirror, and was startled by what he saw.



From there on out, Jeffery... I mean, Justin Long, lived happily ever after!

The End! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, I Guess They Are Quite Silly...

Yes, boys and girls... I'm talking about Silly Bandz.

I love Silly Bandz. Call me whatever you want... Easily amused, crazy, child-like...Whatever. Truth be told, these silly rubber band bracelets can be quite a rip off. I refuse to pay $2.50 a package for twelve rubber bands that are going to break.

BUT, when I am at the check out counter of the Dollar Store (my favorite place!), and I see a pack of 12 for a dollar, then yes... I'm going to grab a handful.

This is a pile of Silly Bandz that actually fit me.
I have a whole other pile of ones that don't fit
me and will be given away to any small child
I find.

So, let's do some math, my friends! YAY! MATH! 

I bought 6 packs of Silly Bandz for one dollar each. There are twelve bracelets in each pack. I spent six dollars on 72 Silly Bandz.

If I was stupid, I would of gone to the Publix across the street. They have the SAME brand of Silly Bandz in a little basket for $2.50 each. So, with those six dollars, I could only buy two packs of silly bands. How sad. I would of spent FIVE DOLLARS on 24 Silly Bandz.

Therefore, I rock. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meago is a BEACH BUM

As you may know, I've been spending two and a half weeks at the beach. We are leaving next Wednesday, so my time at the Gulf of Mexico is not quite over yet. (And no, there isn't any oil here.)

A typical day at the beach consists of the following:

I will wake up around 9 or 10 AM. I wobble into my parents' room and my mom makes me breakfast. (Yes, I know... I am sooo spoiled.) Typically, I would eat a bagel. But lately, I've felt like a fatty, so I've been having smoothies. Again, spoiled.

This is why I've given up bagels for a little while. :(

Anyway, eventually I'll get my lazy butt up and get a shower and get my bathing suit on. Yes, I have to get a shower before I go out in the ocean and pool and get dirty again. Is this logical? No. But oh well.

Sometimes, I'll be stupid and go out in the sun during the heat of the day. Typically, though, if I don't have any friends or extra family over, I'll stay inside and be lazy. Or, we'll go shopping. I like the latter, a lot. Trust me. :)

Whenever it's low tide, my mother and I will drag some friends with us and we'll go out on the sand bar. For those of you don't know what a sad bar is... I'll draw you a picture. =D

1. "Hey dude, I'm on the sand! Yay!"
2. "I'm in the ocean, yeahhhh."
4. "Woah, snappums. I can touch now..."

Out here, we'll hunt for sand dollars and whatever else we can find. We've found various ropes out here, it's kind of scary. I've also seen dolphins, pelicans, and this kind of weird fish out on the sandbar:

He looked something like that... I think?

Eventually I'll come in, and we'll eat dinner. We never go out to eat while we are on vacation. My aunt and my mom (and sometimes  rarely myself) collaborate and make some good food. This would include carrots, bell peppers, steak... Oh man, we eat so much good food. No wonder I look like this right now:

M for Meago... and MEAAAT.

After dinner, I'll go shelling with a friend from our motel. Then we'll be all cold and jump in the heated pool, and won't come out until 10PM or so. (Yes, this is sooo against the rules. But, there's no one in the front office after eight, so who cares?!?!) 

Then, after all this is over... I'm here, blogging! :)

The Logo for a "Happy Meago"

So, there you go. My day is over after 1:30AM or 2AM... Yes, I am a night owl. And yes, I may stay up a little bit longer after this post is up. :)

Well, until next time, lovelies... I leave you with a picture of what I will be doing tomorrow... and the next day... and the next day...

And YES, I lotion up RELIGIOUSLY.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Meago-Styled Tutorial on How to Make an Epic Quesadilla!!!

I love quesadillas. And you will to, after my EPIC Quesadilla Tutorial. (Haha, I sound like some salesperson.)

Alright lovelies, this is what you're going to need:

tortilla shells, grittle, bell peppers, sour cream,
hamburger meat (cooked, duh), refried beans, 
shredded cheese, onions, 2 spatulas, a plate,
Pam No-Stick-Spray, knife

1) Decide if you want your bell peppers and onions cooked or not. I personally liked them cooked when they are in my quesadilla. You may like them raw. Or you may not like them at all! That's okay! Just do your thing and cook them up if you want them.

2) If you followed step 1, then set the peppers and onions aside. Get your hamburger meat out and cook it up. You may want to add some taco seasoning in there if you have it handy. But if you don't, that's fine too.

3) Set up your station with all your goodies that you're going to put on your quesadilla. 

4) Take a tortilla shell and spread some refried beans on it. 

5) Add your hamburger meat.

6) Now, add your cheese, bell peppers, onions, etc. to the quesadilla. Place the other tortilla shell on top.

7) Repeat steps 4-6 until you have all the quesadillas you plan on making. You don't want to have to turn the burner on and off every time so you can go back and re-quesadilla. (Yeah, I made that into a work. Whatdup?!?)

8) Spray your grittle with non-stick spray. Put it on the stove and crank her up to about 7. :)

9) Now put your quesadilla on the grittle. Using one of the spatulas, lift up the quesadilla every few seconds to  see if the edges are browned. When you feel like it's brown enough (don't burn it!), use both spatulas to lift the quesadilla off the grittle and onto the plate.

10) Using the plate to help you out, flip the quesadilla onto the skillet so you can get the other side.

11) Check again to see if this side is brown enough. When it is, use your spatulas to get the quesadilla off the grittle and onto your plate. 

12) Repeat steps 8-11 until you are done with all your quesadillas.

13) Cut into fourths and spread sour cream on top of your quesadillas. 

Wha-lah! :) Yummy quesadillas, just like Meago would make them!! :)


Yummy. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It was a Working Out, Rita's, and Quesadilla Kind of Day! :D

So, this morning I woke up. After watching the Dr. Oz Show (I absolutely love that show), I went to Curves with my aunt.

Yeah, they totally laughed at me.

Here I am, drawing again. Oh, Lord... *facepalm*

Although I may be the skinniest fat girl I know, I am also the weakest. I can see why all the ladies at Curves got a kick out of little old me working out and not knowing what the heck I was doing.

Anywho, after working out, my aunt and I ruined the work out by visiting my favorite place, Rita's. :) I don't know what I'm going to do without my Rita's when I go home... Oh yeah, I'll probably lose weight. See the diagram below.

Yeah, this is true. =/

So anyway, after Rita's, my aunt and I were discussing what we should have for dinner. "How about quesadillas?" I ask. My aunt replies, "What's a quesadilla?"

Therefore, I cooked these babies for dinner.

This was my dad's pile of quesadillas. They look like pancakes! =D

This was my quesadilla. Soooo good! :)

So, all in all, I have had a very productive and fun day! The playlist for tomorrow... An EPIC Quesadilla Tutorial. Maybe fully equipped with step-by-step pictures, but that depends on if I am cooking more quesadillas for lunch tomorrow. 

So, until then lovelies... I'm off. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Meago = Happy Blog

As you can tell by the diagram below, I am happy.

I actually drew something. Wow, I suck at drawing.
I better keep my day job... What day job?

Anyway, I'm going to work out with my aunt tomorrow. She can bring guests to Curves on Tuesdays. After the work out, we are going to RUIN it by going to my favorite place to ruin a work out... :)


And, of course... How could I not be happy? I spent today and yesterday with my BFF and my boyfriend. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. I have a BFF and a boyfriend. :)

I'm also at the beach. WHY WOULDN'T I BE BEAMING WITH JOY?! :)

And I'm totally becoming a master at Granted, I wish I had Photoshop... But hey, I'm thankful. And happy. But I mean, come on... Look at that picture. It's Beasting!!

I also have a Twitter now. So, if anybody out there is reading... Ahem... You should totally follow me.

So yeah, I'm raising my can of Phosphoric Win (aka Coca-Cola) to my happiness. Until then, I am off.

Love always, Meagoooo! :)

Florida Heat

All winter, I was praying for the summer. "Yeah, I want to wear my bikini. I want to run around in the sun! It's too cold!!!"

Now, I'm praying for the winter again. The Florida heat is just terrible here. I tried to go shopping at a local boardwalk, and I couldn't buy anything! I couldn't buy anything, people! It was just too hot!! :(

But, if I had the energy, I would go jump in the ocean right now. But I'm too lazy. And, I'm enjoying the air conditioning. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rita's Mania!

As you can tell, I am a bit obsessed with Rita's. They are all over up north, but they don't have any franchises around my hometown.

But, I'm on vacation right now! New town, new place... with a Rita's right under 6 miles away from the motel! :D

Before I left for vacation, I found out there was a Rita's near where I'd be vacationing. I was so excited. BUT, I came here... and it was almost a pain in the butt to find it! The dude at the front desk wouldn't tell me where it was. He refused to look it up, because he was convinced it was 15 miles away and "too far to get ice cream".

But do I care?! No sir-e-bob! I would drive 30 miles to go to a Rita's. Their Gelati's are the best! My favorite is the Cherry Vanilla. Vanilla custard on the bottom, Cherry Italian Water Ice in the middle, and some more vanilla custard on top! It is melt in my mouth (and stomach) yummyness!

My aunt, mother, and father all love the Cherry Chocolate. I may give it a try one day, but I am more of a vanilla girl! :)

And in a few minutes, I'll be going back to Rita's. Yum! <3

I'm quite upset. My Gelati is gone-gone! :)

Fixed the blog. :)

My blog was kind of freaking out. And so was I! GASP! But I fixed it, so I'm happy.

I'm going to take a few pictures today and post them. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beach Bumming!!!

Oh, the beach. I love you!! :)

I've been here for almost a week. We've gone to Rita's twice. Once when the girls (my nieces) came down and spent a couple of days, and the other time when the boys (my nephews) came down.

I've floated in the Gulf, swam in the pool, and I even got to crochet a few (and by a few, I mean almost a dozen) roses.

Oh yeah, and I ate food... Lots of food! <3

Speaking of food, my father caught a dozen fish so far. I have a sudden urge to eat some FRIED FISH! Yum!

I swear, I'm the skinniest "fat girl" I know! :)

<3 Meagooo! :)

Welcome Home! :)

I have been meaning to get back to blogging for quite some time now. Now, here I am. :)

Me... I'm Meago! Most know me as Meagan, though. But, you know... Meago is nice! :)

I like to talk, make crafts, eat food, and have fun. I crochet, make jewelry, scrapbook... You name the craft, I've probably done it.

I'm looking forward to my little adventure I'm going to have here on Blogger. :D

Until next time... <3meagoooo!