Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Meago = Happy Blog

As you can tell by the diagram below, I am happy.

I actually drew something. Wow, I suck at drawing.
I better keep my day job... What day job?

Anyway, I'm going to work out with my aunt tomorrow. She can bring guests to Curves on Tuesdays. After the work out, we are going to RUIN it by going to my favorite place to ruin a work out... :)


And, of course... How could I not be happy? I spent today and yesterday with my BFF and my boyfriend. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. I have a BFF and a boyfriend. :)

I'm also at the beach. WHY WOULDN'T I BE BEAMING WITH JOY?! :)

And I'm totally becoming a master at Granted, I wish I had Photoshop... But hey, I'm thankful. And happy. But I mean, come on... Look at that picture. It's Beasting!!

I also have a Twitter now. So, if anybody out there is reading... Ahem... You should totally follow me.

So yeah, I'm raising my can of Phosphoric Win (aka Coca-Cola) to my happiness. Until then, I am off.

Love always, Meagoooo! :)

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