Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Public Apology to Moo-Moo's, Livers, and Lovers of the Moo-Moo Liver

Dear poor baby Moo-Moo's liver that I had for dinner last night:

I'm so sorry you had to stop what you were doing so you could be my dinner. My iron has been low and I was desperate last night. Although you are the "perfect" source of all the iron and proteins I'll ever need, the bad breath I had to endure last night made you totally not worth it. I'm sorry, but I have to declare you as a "bad eats." Maybe next time, buddio.


PS: Your companion, Onions, was and always will be the best. Just saying.
PPS: In all honesty, you didn't taste that bad. But you didn't taste that good, either.
PPPS: I must now result to Spinach now. Great. I feel another rejection letter coming on.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cricut Imagine... and it's Demonic Possession!!

My aunt bought the Cricut Imagine less than a week ago on the HSN. It's a nice little machine... It prints and cut! I was very surprised last week when I got the phone call that she actually bought it. She swore she would NEVER buy any Cricut machine. But, this one stole her heart. It's really an awesome machine... But to our luck, we got the faulty one.

This is a demonic possession that holy water can't even fix!

None the less, my aunt had to send it back. We're hoping that the next one is not so... um, creepy. But it's just our luck, we always get faulty scrapbooking toys. The Cropidile was faulty at first for us, and we had to send that back too. 

But I have no doubt that the Imagine is going to be AWESOME! :) I'm so excited for it to come back! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday: Indy the SquirrelSaver!


There was a very nice, beautiful big sister who was also a Super Hero. Her name was Indy.

New and Improved SUPER Indy. :)

Indy may be known for a lot of things. She is known as Meago's awesome big sister. She is known as the mother to three of the coolest kids around. She is known for being the wife to this super awesome dude who makes some reeeally good popcorn. 

But Indy had a special talent, which made her a super hero. Whenever a baby squirrel was in trouble, she would rescue it and take care of it until the squirrel was big enough to be released.

Just a handful of this season's babies. :)

Indy didn't really have many enemies... Except for one...


The Evil Fat Cat Monsta used to always bully squirrels around. But after the years went by, he had one too many bud lights (as you can see), and had quite the tough time getting around. But to Indy's dismay, and to the dismay to squirrels across the world, she got a letter from this nuisance in the mail.

I have kidnapped all the baby squirrels from their mothers.
I want a million bazillion gajillion dollars, or else those mommies
won't be getting their babies back. BUAHAHAHA *burp* AHAH.
-The Evil Cat Monsta
PS: Will accept kitty treats.
PSS: Or beer. *BURP*

Indy sighed. Or screamed. Maybe it was both. She had so much to do. 

"STUPID CAT MONSTA!!" She yelled. "I have to clean the house still! Oh well. I better get going."

So, of course, Indy Hops into her... INDYMOBILE!!

Of course, Meago. Of course.

In her INDYMOBILE, Indy drives over to the Evil Cat Monsta's secret lair.

A Cat Pueblo... SO SCARY!

Indy climbed into the Evil Cat Monsta's room through his window and located the baby squirrels in a room. She almost made it out of the evil lair without being caught, but then the Evil Cat Monsta rolled in... Literally. 

"What are you doing?" the Evil Cat Monsta hiccuped. "Where's my money? Or my cat treats? Or my beer?"

Indy smirked. "I have something better!" She pulled out a point lazer, and the Evil Cat Monsta went crazy.


Indy pointed the lazer to a door that was just a bit too small for the Evil Cat Monsta. He sprung over and got stuck in the door way. "I'M STUCK. CURSE YOU INDY!" the Evil Cat Monsta hiccuped again and fell asleep in the doorway. 

Indy brought home all the squirrels to their mommies, and everyone lived happily ever after. And, of course, she got home in time for her BIRTHDAY PARTY!! :)



Friday, September 10, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday: Cuh-atie


...There was a cool chickaroonie. Her name was Cuh-atie.

            Cuh-atie :)

Cuh-atie was super awesome for a lot of reasons. One of her awesome traits was that she was a super flag master. She was a member of the super elite super women group*... COLOR GUARD!

Cuh-atie with her flag. 

But one day, while she was practicing mega-awesome tricks with her flat, her flat mysteriously vanished in mid-air.

"Oh noooo!" cried Cuh-atie. "My flag!!!"

Cuh-atie came panicking to her super awesome cousin who was also a detective, Meago.

Meago the Detective. No comments from the
peanut gallery, please.

"What's wrong, Cuh?!" Meago asked.

"My flag! It disappeared!" Cuh-atie cried. "I need your help!"

"That's no prob, Cuh!" Meago smiled. "It's time to investigate."

Cuh-atie and Meago traveled back to the scene of the crime. Meago spotted an eye-witness. 

"Have you seen any suspicious activity in the past 24 hours?" Meago interrogated. 

The eye-witness was a SQUIRREL. Go figure, Meago...
Go figure...

Then, out of the blue, the eye-witness scurried off.

"FOLLOW HIM!" Meago yelled.

Meago and Cuh-atie darted off and followed the eye-witness to his home. He lived in a tree... (Gee, I wonder why.)

And there it was... Cuh-atie's flag was leaning up against the tree.

"My flag!!" Cuh-atie rejoiced and hugged her flag. "How did it get here?"

Meago sighed. "I'm not going to say that eye-witness was the one who took your flag... Because he's a squirrel... And quite frankly, Indy would kill me for making that accusation on a squirrel."

I love you, Indy! :)

"Not to mention how hard it would be to incarcerate a squirrel. Have you ever tried to incarcerate a squirrel?!" Meago said. "Cased Closed!"

In the end, Cuh-atie got her flag back. She kept practicing until she turned into a super hero. 

Cuh-atie the Super Hero. :)

And she lived happily ever after.


*Yes, I'm aware that there is one male species in your super elite super women group. But the women over dominate, therefore... He's over domniated. SESWG it is.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Write Love on Her Arms

I wrote L♥VE on my arms today.
I hope you did too.
But if you did not,
that's okay.
Just remember,
to L♥VE one another
to L♥VE yourself.
No matter who you are,
what you are,
or where you are...
Someone L♥VES you.

Meago :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Results from the Quizaroooo! :)

Before I give you the winner of this contest, I will review the correct answers to all 7 questions. 

1.) What is my favorite color?
My favorite color is lime green. I also like hot pink, so if you put that down I may have given you credit.

2.) What is my favorite number?
This one was a tricky one. Only a few people know my favorite number, but it is 9. I have no idea why, it just is.

This episode of Once Upon a Meago was brought
to you by... the number 9!

3.) What is my worst subject area?
Many of you guys answered that English was my worst subject area. Many of you guys are very incorrect, because English is typically my forte. The correct answer here is Math. Any of you who know me seriously know that my relationship with Math is not a pretty one.

You should be scared, Math.

4.) How many pets do I have?
The correct answer here is 3. I have a dog and two cats.
My dog, Saucer. He's a German Shepard/Chow mix.

This is my cat Billy.

This is my other cat, Elsie. 

5.) What is my favorite meal, EVER?!
Chicken wings, duhh guys. I dedicated a whole blog post to it, go here for more info.

I also accepted Bell Peppers and Sautéed Onions as an answer. I love love love love LOVE Bell Peppers and Onions. YUMMM. ♥

6.) I spend my summers doing what?
Typically, every summer, I spent a good while in New Jersey. I have family up there and I work at Al & Sam's Canoe and Kayak Rentals, which is owned by my relatives who live up there. So, if you are ever in the New Jersey area, go to Al & Sam's! (end of endorsement)

Then, I come home for maybe a week or so. After I am home for a bit, we all pack up and go to the beach for 2-3 weeks. Yes, we are spoiled. Yes, we enjoy it. :)

This year was different. We spent a week in New Jersey during the beginning of the summer, and then we came home. After about a month, we went to the beach for 2 and a half weeks. Then we came home, and at the end of the summer we went back to New Jersey to watch a Phillies baseball game. (And yes, Washington Nationals KICKED OUR BUTTS!! BOO.)

7.) What school activities do I participate in?
This one is tricky, because I am involved with so many extra curricular activities. But, here we go.

  • International Thespian Society
  • Showchoir/Chorus
  • Musical Theatre
  • Senior Class Homebase Rep (That takes up every Tuesday of my senior year, so YES that counts.)
  • Tri-M
That may not seem like a lot... But trust me, it is. 

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for... THE WINNER IS....


Katie answered got the highest score, which was about 15 points. I don't know, I may of lost count. But she's pretty awesome. She knows her cousin well. :) Katie will be featured in this week's episode of Once Upon a Saturday... So stay tuned! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

And the Winner isssss...


Brittney pretty much won this Poke War. She had Kenny beat so badly that he had to throw in the towel!!! Kenny still tried, though, so you have to give him credit for that! 

The winner for my Quizaroo will be announced TOMORROW. So, if you haven't already, drop by and try for a chance to win a feature in Once Upon a Saturday! :)

Until then, lovelies. ♥

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday: The Adventures of Aty Part 4

Last time, on The Adventures of Aty...

Aty hops in her ATYMOBILE and travels to...

...Jesup, Georgia. It's like Jesus and Ketchup!

Then she finds the original JESUP (Jesus Ketchup).
She uses it to cure Meago of Octopusism. :)


Aty and Meago, both being normal human beings, decided to come up with a plan to save Oni from the Fortress of Sad Feelings!

"We could dress up like lollipops as a disguise!! No one will ever know it's us!" Meago joyfully exclaimed.

"Meago, WTF is up with your ideas?" Aty groaned.

So, Aty hopped into her ATYMOBILE and Meago hopped into her...

(The other dude in the tank with me is a
hitch hiker. )

Meago and Aty drove from Meagoland to Texas on the hunt for Oni. Finally, they arrive and they got into costume!

Then, Aty and Meago somehow walked into the Fortress of Sad Feelings without being noticed... AT ALL.

After much parading around the Fortress of Sad feelings, Aty and Meago finally find where Oni was located. And trust me, he was in soooo much trouble. 

"ONIIIII!" Aty Snarled. "I thought you were in dire trouble!"

"I waas," Oni whined. "I was soooo bored."

"You made us come all the way out here because you were bored, Oni?" Meago sighed.

"No, that wasn't the only reason..." Oni winked. "I wanted a feature on your blog, ya know?!"

Add caption
"ONI!" It's all about me! ;)

"Great," Aty pouted. "Now I'm never going to beat the Evil Hat Monsta!"

"The Evil Hat Monsta?!" A lightbulb turned on above Oni's head. "I know that guy!"

"WUUT?  HOW?!" Aty's jaw dropped.

"He's my mom's aunt's cousin's brother's wife's mom's grandfather's best friend's uncle's girlfriend's father's daughter's teacher's nephew's grandson's father's sister's boss." Oni smiled while Aty and Meago grew a very puzzling look on their faces. "I see that dude all the time at family dinners. He's a real jerk. And he's allergic to sugar. You know how hard it is to cook for a guy who isn't allowed to eat sugar? I really don't understand how he's so fat and everything..."

"WAIT!" Meago interrupted Oni. "You're telling me that The Evil Hat Monsta is allergic to sugar?" Meago turned to Aty. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Aty smiled wide. "Yes I am!"

The three friends drove from Texas to the Evil Hat Monsta's house. Aty and Meago, both still dressed in their Lollipop costumes, went to knock on his door. The Evil Hat Monsta answered the door, and quickly melted away after seeing Aty and Meago in all their lollipopness.

Oni then ran into his house and grabbed the sacred hat... the hat that would complete Aty's collection.


(pun intended)

THE END! ♥ ☺

Friday, September 3, 2010

Quizzaroo about the Meagoroo

Time for a pop quiz guys. Who ever gets the highest score wins a free feature in Once Upon a Saturday... READY SET GO.

1) What is my favorite color?
2) What is my favorite number?
3) What is my WORST subject area?
4) How many pets do I have?
5) What is my favorite meal, EVER?
6) I spend my summers doing what?
7) What school activities do I participate in? (You will get one point for every activity you get right! )

I'll post the answers sometime next week. Until then, home slices!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yeah dude, I won a purse! :)

Two weeks ago, I was having the CRAPPIEST day ever. Seriously. THE WORST. But to my luck, I won a contest for this awesome purse. :) The lovely Annah from Red Means Go! sponsored this contest, and if you seriously love this bag... Shoot her an email. She knows where to get them. ;)

Anyway, I'm sorry I'm several days late on getting these pictures taken. But, here they are now! :)

Me with the purse.

Duck face!

Gangsta duck face!

Yeah, I take most of my pictures in my
bathroom. Don't judge me. c(:

I seriously love this purse! Thanks Annah! :)