Monday, September 6, 2010

Results from the Quizaroooo! :)

Before I give you the winner of this contest, I will review the correct answers to all 7 questions. 

1.) What is my favorite color?
My favorite color is lime green. I also like hot pink, so if you put that down I may have given you credit.

2.) What is my favorite number?
This one was a tricky one. Only a few people know my favorite number, but it is 9. I have no idea why, it just is.

This episode of Once Upon a Meago was brought
to you by... the number 9!

3.) What is my worst subject area?
Many of you guys answered that English was my worst subject area. Many of you guys are very incorrect, because English is typically my forte. The correct answer here is Math. Any of you who know me seriously know that my relationship with Math is not a pretty one.

You should be scared, Math.

4.) How many pets do I have?
The correct answer here is 3. I have a dog and two cats.
My dog, Saucer. He's a German Shepard/Chow mix.

This is my cat Billy.

This is my other cat, Elsie. 

5.) What is my favorite meal, EVER?!
Chicken wings, duhh guys. I dedicated a whole blog post to it, go here for more info.

I also accepted Bell Peppers and Sautéed Onions as an answer. I love love love love LOVE Bell Peppers and Onions. YUMMM. ♥

6.) I spend my summers doing what?
Typically, every summer, I spent a good while in New Jersey. I have family up there and I work at Al & Sam's Canoe and Kayak Rentals, which is owned by my relatives who live up there. So, if you are ever in the New Jersey area, go to Al & Sam's! (end of endorsement)

Then, I come home for maybe a week or so. After I am home for a bit, we all pack up and go to the beach for 2-3 weeks. Yes, we are spoiled. Yes, we enjoy it. :)

This year was different. We spent a week in New Jersey during the beginning of the summer, and then we came home. After about a month, we went to the beach for 2 and a half weeks. Then we came home, and at the end of the summer we went back to New Jersey to watch a Phillies baseball game. (And yes, Washington Nationals KICKED OUR BUTTS!! BOO.)

7.) What school activities do I participate in?
This one is tricky, because I am involved with so many extra curricular activities. But, here we go.

  • International Thespian Society
  • Showchoir/Chorus
  • Musical Theatre
  • Senior Class Homebase Rep (That takes up every Tuesday of my senior year, so YES that counts.)
  • Tri-M
That may not seem like a lot... But trust me, it is. 

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for... THE WINNER IS....


Katie answered got the highest score, which was about 15 points. I don't know, I may of lost count. But she's pretty awesome. She knows her cousin well. :) Katie will be featured in this week's episode of Once Upon a Saturday... So stay tuned! :)

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