Saturday, September 4, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday: The Adventures of Aty Part 4

Last time, on The Adventures of Aty...

Aty hops in her ATYMOBILE and travels to...

...Jesup, Georgia. It's like Jesus and Ketchup!

Then she finds the original JESUP (Jesus Ketchup).
She uses it to cure Meago of Octopusism. :)


Aty and Meago, both being normal human beings, decided to come up with a plan to save Oni from the Fortress of Sad Feelings!

"We could dress up like lollipops as a disguise!! No one will ever know it's us!" Meago joyfully exclaimed.

"Meago, WTF is up with your ideas?" Aty groaned.

So, Aty hopped into her ATYMOBILE and Meago hopped into her...

(The other dude in the tank with me is a
hitch hiker. )

Meago and Aty drove from Meagoland to Texas on the hunt for Oni. Finally, they arrive and they got into costume!

Then, Aty and Meago somehow walked into the Fortress of Sad Feelings without being noticed... AT ALL.

After much parading around the Fortress of Sad feelings, Aty and Meago finally find where Oni was located. And trust me, he was in soooo much trouble. 

"ONIIIII!" Aty Snarled. "I thought you were in dire trouble!"

"I waas," Oni whined. "I was soooo bored."

"You made us come all the way out here because you were bored, Oni?" Meago sighed.

"No, that wasn't the only reason..." Oni winked. "I wanted a feature on your blog, ya know?!"

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"ONI!" It's all about me! ;)

"Great," Aty pouted. "Now I'm never going to beat the Evil Hat Monsta!"

"The Evil Hat Monsta?!" A lightbulb turned on above Oni's head. "I know that guy!"

"WUUT?  HOW?!" Aty's jaw dropped.

"He's my mom's aunt's cousin's brother's wife's mom's grandfather's best friend's uncle's girlfriend's father's daughter's teacher's nephew's grandson's father's sister's boss." Oni smiled while Aty and Meago grew a very puzzling look on their faces. "I see that dude all the time at family dinners. He's a real jerk. And he's allergic to sugar. You know how hard it is to cook for a guy who isn't allowed to eat sugar? I really don't understand how he's so fat and everything..."

"WAIT!" Meago interrupted Oni. "You're telling me that The Evil Hat Monsta is allergic to sugar?" Meago turned to Aty. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Aty smiled wide. "Yes I am!"

The three friends drove from Texas to the Evil Hat Monsta's house. Aty and Meago, both still dressed in their Lollipop costumes, went to knock on his door. The Evil Hat Monsta answered the door, and quickly melted away after seeing Aty and Meago in all their lollipopness.

Oni then ran into his house and grabbed the sacred hat... the hat that would complete Aty's collection.


(pun intended)

THE END! ♥ ☺

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