Friday, September 3, 2010

Quizzaroo about the Meagoroo

Time for a pop quiz guys. Who ever gets the highest score wins a free feature in Once Upon a Saturday... READY SET GO.

1) What is my favorite color?
2) What is my favorite number?
3) What is my WORST subject area?
4) How many pets do I have?
5) What is my favorite meal, EVER?
6) I spend my summers doing what?
7) What school activities do I participate in? (You will get one point for every activity you get right! )

I'll post the answers sometime next week. Until then, home slices!


  1. 1) lime green
    2) What is my favorite number?
    3) uhhh... mathh?
    4) 0-10...
    5) hmmm.... idk.
    6) blogging.being crafty.hangingout with friends.
    7) im not exactly sure what you mean here. like at school? or like everything? lol
    I FAIL!

  2. here goes nothing...

    1. lime green
    2. i'm stuck between 7 and 24
    3. i believe math
    4. 5
    5. your mom's casseroles that you brought to lunch every day last year. lol
    6. traveling and hanging out with your friends
    7. i don't know... thespians last year, belle voce before it became show choir.

    btw, its Sloan.

  3. 1.)I'm gonna go with limegreen here xD
    5.)Ramen Noodleys?
    6.)Everything! you're always busy xD
    7.)Eating (aka lunch), Set Designer (drama), Choir =O.

  4. 1. Lime green or pink.
    2. 9
    3. English
    4. 3
    5. BELL PEPPERS, CHICKEN WINGS, & your mommas casseroles (:
    6. Madeira, New Jersey, home, New Jersey.
    7. Musical Theater, Thespians, ITS, Belle Voce, Technical Theater, ISS, Tri-M, & hanging out with yo cuh (:

    - YO CUH (:


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