Friday, September 10, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday: Cuh-atie


...There was a cool chickaroonie. Her name was Cuh-atie.

            Cuh-atie :)

Cuh-atie was super awesome for a lot of reasons. One of her awesome traits was that she was a super flag master. She was a member of the super elite super women group*... COLOR GUARD!

Cuh-atie with her flag. 

But one day, while she was practicing mega-awesome tricks with her flat, her flat mysteriously vanished in mid-air.

"Oh noooo!" cried Cuh-atie. "My flag!!!"

Cuh-atie came panicking to her super awesome cousin who was also a detective, Meago.

Meago the Detective. No comments from the
peanut gallery, please.

"What's wrong, Cuh?!" Meago asked.

"My flag! It disappeared!" Cuh-atie cried. "I need your help!"

"That's no prob, Cuh!" Meago smiled. "It's time to investigate."

Cuh-atie and Meago traveled back to the scene of the crime. Meago spotted an eye-witness. 

"Have you seen any suspicious activity in the past 24 hours?" Meago interrogated. 

The eye-witness was a SQUIRREL. Go figure, Meago...
Go figure...

Then, out of the blue, the eye-witness scurried off.

"FOLLOW HIM!" Meago yelled.

Meago and Cuh-atie darted off and followed the eye-witness to his home. He lived in a tree... (Gee, I wonder why.)

And there it was... Cuh-atie's flag was leaning up against the tree.

"My flag!!" Cuh-atie rejoiced and hugged her flag. "How did it get here?"

Meago sighed. "I'm not going to say that eye-witness was the one who took your flag... Because he's a squirrel... And quite frankly, Indy would kill me for making that accusation on a squirrel."

I love you, Indy! :)

"Not to mention how hard it would be to incarcerate a squirrel. Have you ever tried to incarcerate a squirrel?!" Meago said. "Cased Closed!"

In the end, Cuh-atie got her flag back. She kept practicing until she turned into a super hero. 

Cuh-atie the Super Hero. :)

And she lived happily ever after.


*Yes, I'm aware that there is one male species in your super elite super women group. But the women over dominate, therefore... He's over domniated. SESWG it is.


  1. the squirrel IS COMPLETELY INNOCENT so good call!
    Love, Indy

  2. I'm leaning toward the innocence of the squirrel...I think... :)


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