Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cricut Imagine... and it's Demonic Possession!!

My aunt bought the Cricut Imagine less than a week ago on the HSN. It's a nice little machine... It prints and cut! I was very surprised last week when I got the phone call that she actually bought it. She swore she would NEVER buy any Cricut machine. But, this one stole her heart. It's really an awesome machine... But to our luck, we got the faulty one.

This is a demonic possession that holy water can't even fix!

None the less, my aunt had to send it back. We're hoping that the next one is not so... um, creepy. But it's just our luck, we always get faulty scrapbooking toys. The Cropidile was faulty at first for us, and we had to send that back too. 

But I have no doubt that the Imagine is going to be AWESOME! :) I'm so excited for it to come back! 


  1. It's not was just blowing a raspberry at you!!!!!

  2. Haha, I hadn't thought of that before! Hehe. :)


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