Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Either Busy or Lazy...

The beach is over. Sadface... :(

The last few days at the beach were pretty interesting. I lived in the ocean and the pool. When I didn't, I was prone to injury.

Injuries over the past few days:

~ I tripped over a stack of cups, and got a huge bruise on my arm, scrape on my knee, and cut my toe.
~ After I got home, I ran my pinky toe over with my grandmother's door.
~ I took my senior pictures today... And of course, I was wearing high heels. This equals blisters on my feet.
~ Today, my boyfriend accidentally punched me in the nose.

Yep, I'm a clutz. 

And, I'm lazy. The laziness I'm feeling is SEVERE. I have absolutely no pictures to share with you guys on this fine evening... But I do have this doodle I doodled the other day with one of my good friends at the beach. :)

I may be a lazy clutz, but I'm still pretty rad.

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