Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, I Guess They Are Quite Silly...

Yes, boys and girls... I'm talking about Silly Bandz.

I love Silly Bandz. Call me whatever you want... Easily amused, crazy, child-like...Whatever. Truth be told, these silly rubber band bracelets can be quite a rip off. I refuse to pay $2.50 a package for twelve rubber bands that are going to break.

BUT, when I am at the check out counter of the Dollar Store (my favorite place!), and I see a pack of 12 for a dollar, then yes... I'm going to grab a handful.

This is a pile of Silly Bandz that actually fit me.
I have a whole other pile of ones that don't fit
me and will be given away to any small child
I find.

So, let's do some math, my friends! YAY! MATH! 

I bought 6 packs of Silly Bandz for one dollar each. There are twelve bracelets in each pack. I spent six dollars on 72 Silly Bandz.

If I was stupid, I would of gone to the Publix across the street. They have the SAME brand of Silly Bandz in a little basket for $2.50 each. So, with those six dollars, I could only buy two packs of silly bands. How sad. I would of spent FIVE DOLLARS on 24 Silly Bandz.

Therefore, I rock. :)

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