Sunday, August 1, 2010

Once Upon a... SUNDAY?! :O

I forgot about Once Upon a Saturday... I'm so sorry! Haha, but no worries... Once Upon a Sunday is here! :)


There was a pair of sisters. There was a big sister, Indy. There was a little sister, Eggo.

Indy and Eggo.

Now, Little Eggo was never much for chick flicks. Eventually, Indy realized this. Indy trained Little Eggo to love most chick flicks (but of course, she was still stubborn when it came to chick flicks... but oh well.)

One day, Little Eggo saw the commercial for this movie:

Charlie St. Cloud!

Little Eggo picks up her evil cellular device and texts her big sister, Indy. "We should go watch Charlie St. Cloud!" she says. Indy replies, "LOLWUT you want to watch a chick flick?! Oh-kay! Let's do it!"

The next Sunday morning, they went to the movie theatre. They watched Charlie St. Cloud, and collectively cried enough to fill up the Atlantic Ocean twice.

This is Little Eggo crying like a baby. Boo-hoo.

They both agreed, the movie was the bomb diggity. Little Eggo went and bragged about it on Facebook. Indy even updated her status!!! Indy NEVER updates her status!!

Afterwards, Indy and Eggo went school shopping. Indy's little ones needed supplies for school, and Eggo tagged along because she needed school supplies too (and she LOVES Office Max). While Little Eggo was looking at the shopping list, she almost ran into a pole. Fortunately, Indy was a good big sister and saved her. Little Eggo would of looked like this if she hadn't:


Anyway, there are two lessons to be learned today. 

Numero Uno: Indy and Eggo DEEPLY recommend watching Charlie St. Cloud. 
Numero Dos: Eggo DEEPLY recommends watching where you are walking.

And they lived happily ever after...


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