Saturday, August 7, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday: The Adventures of Aty


...There was a fine lass named Aty. No, not like the number. A-T-Y. Aty. 

Aty collected hats like some seven year boys collected baseball cards. Aty had a hat for every occasion. She had a hat for a cool day, and a hat for a warm day. She had a hat for an American Day, and if she felt like being Japanese for a day... She had a hat for that too!

Aty in a JapHat

To say the least, Aty was the MASTER of HATS! But one day, she was faced with a challenge. She had every hat in the universe, except for one. This hat was beloved by all, but owned by only one soul...


The Evil Hat Monsta owned the hat that Aty wanted to so badly. Now, Aty could of talked to the Evil Hat Monsta and she just could of said, "Hey, Mista Monsta... I want that hat, can I please have it?"

But Aty doesn't play the game of hats like that. No, Aty does not. Aty dueled the Evil Hat Monsta. 

Yes, I know my dearies. Soooo many questions going through your head right now, correct? Like...

What weapon will Aty use to fight this odd looking Monsta?
What kind of awesome ninja moves will Aty use?
Who is going to win?
What is this hat that Aty is fighting for?
Is this hat really worth it?
Who is Aty?
Why is this Monsta pink?

Well, kiddos... I'm sorry to do this to you... but...

Stay tuned for more awesomeness and to find out 
what happens next with our dear friend Aty! :)


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