Thursday, August 5, 2010

My memory is lost!

A scientific image of what my cranium looks like. 

I have a confession. I have a horrible memory.

I mean, everybody forgets where they put their phone. Everybody will forget to pay a bill. Everybody will forget the names of people they just met.

But, my friends, I have a very unique history of forgetting the names of my favorite movies. And I will admit, at one time, I forgot John Travolta's name.

Say whaa? 

Sometimes, my lack of short term memory is kind of scary. I often forget where I ate at the night before, what I ate, and even sometimes...

...What I blogged about the night before!!! =O

To be honest, my memory loss isn't as scary as it is hilarious. What fun would it be if you didn't try to put your cell phone in the freezer every once in a while and tried to connect your sandwich to your cellphone charger? Exactly.

No wonder my phone hates me... 

Now that I think of it, my phone could be the reason I have such a terrible memory. Or it could be the fact that I lost about 30,000 brain cells from watching Billy Madison last night. (No offense to any fans of the movie. Haha.)

Well, I hope I remember about this post tomorrow morning. Until then, have a happy Thursday everyone!! ♥

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