Saturday, August 14, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday: The Adventures of Aty Part 2

Last time, on Once Upon a Saturday...

Oh noooo! Aty VS. Monsta?!


Aty was about to fight this Evil Monsta... but then her pocket started ringing. She was getting a phone call at the wrong time, seriously...

"Hold up Monsta-Dude, I gotta take this..." She takes her phone out.

Her BFF Oni was calling her. Whaddaheck?

"Oni, what do you want?" Aty sighed. "I'm about to fight this monsta."

"Monsta can wait, dummy!" Oni cried. "I HAVE GOTTEN ABDUCTED!!!"

"Saaaay whaaa?!" Aty hung up her phone and looked at the Monsta. "Yo, monsta... I gotta split, can I reschedule this duel?"

The Monsta burped in response. "...Okay. I'll take that as a yes." Aty then ran to her ATYMOBILE and called Oni back.


Oni picked up his phone. "COME SAVE ME I'M IN TEXAS."

"Really, what the crapface?! Okay, I'm on my way." Aty hangs up her phone and drives her ATYMOBILE to the big bad State of TEXAS. She parks her ATYMOBILE in front of a creepy factory right off the interstate. She was sure that poor Oni was in this place. She almost peed herself, it was a creepy place to hold a person hostage.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" Aty yells out of script!!

Take that, Aty.

Aty was in a tussle. She had to find a way to turn Meago back into a human. She had to free Oni from the Evil Fortress of Sad Feelings. And most importantly... She had to beat that Evil Hat Monsta. Poor Aty... NOT!

Stay tuned, kiddos. 

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