Sunday, August 22, 2010

Once Upon a Saturday: The Adventures of Aty Part 3

Last time on The Adventures of Aty...

Aty gets an awesome car.

Oni gets captured by some evil Texan force and is taken
to the Fortress of Sad Feelings.

Meago turns into an octopus. Figures.

"Great!" Aty sighed. "Meago can't do anything if she's an octopus. She can't even give this story a decent plot, because she can't type."


The only way Aty could save Oni is if she turned Meago back into her original life form... She wasn't quite sure if Meago was human or not, but whatever. She was going to do her best.

So, Aty hopped into her ATYMOBILE and drove to Jesup, Georgia. Why Jesup, you ask?

Jesup? It's like Jesus and Ketchup! :D
True Story.

Anyway, Aty finally arrived to this city called Jesup. No one here knew who Meago was, but that didn't matter. Meago apparently had a strange obsession with this city. It was her mission to discover why.

She interviewed several citizens of the city. "Why is this city so important?!?" she asked.

One citizen answered, "We have an Amtrak station!"

"We have an airport!" said another.

"RANDALL BRAMBLETT WAS BORN HERE!" insisted another citizen.

"Who the heck is that?" questioned Aty.

The strange citizen shrugged. "That's what it said on our Wikipedia page."

Aty was close to giving up. She was sad because Meago turned into an octopus. She was sad because Oni was still trapped in the Fortress of Sad Feelings. She was sad because her banana mobile was almost out of gas and she missed her kitty. But that was besides the point. As she was about to pack herself in her ATYMOBILE, she heard angels sing.

"What's that?!" Aty cried out. She turned around, and there it was.

The Original "Jesup"

"This is just what Meago needs!" Aty rejoiced. "She loves Jesus, and she loves Ketchup. She's sure to turn back into a non-Octopus after she drinks this!"

Aty packed up the Jesup in her ATYMOBILE and somehow made it back to Meagoland on an empty tank of gas. 

Meago was just flopping around when Aty showed up. "MEAGO DRINK THIS!!"

The strange octopus drank the Jesusly Blessed Ketchup and turned back into a normal Meago.

It's like going to church and having a hot dog...

You poor reader, I keep leaving cliff hangers for you. I'm sure you're wondering what's going to happen with Oni. Is Aty going to be able to make it from Meagoland to Texas on an empty tank of gas? Can Aty afford to fill her gas tank? Can Aty accomplish all this on her own?

Until next Saturday...

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